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Menu design one

Further development of the menu

These are the two designs of the interface for the clients last film, which he is now entering to competitions and sending off to potential employers as evidence of his work.

The basic changes were just to make the screen more authentic, the polaroid was made to look older and the pebble was changed to an actual pebble to make it look more convincing, the cursor which is used to navigate the menu was also made more obvious so that it is constantly visible.

Need to do some testing with this menu on a normal TV, it works okay on a computer screen because of the high resolution but the downgrade to a standard definition TV may cause some problems with visibility.



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Have re-edited a previous DVD menu for the client over the past couple of days, the client needed to present his work on a professional looking interface. The DVD is being sent into a couple of competitions, will post the final design of the interface up on here as soon as possible.

Have been asked to create an accompanying DVD case with a similar feel to the menu to give the whole project a similar style, and basically to make it look presentable.

Need to get some design down on paper for my portfolio website.

  • General look of the website.
  • Content.
  • How the website functions, needs to be interesting, engaging and link with my own personal style.
  • Find other project opportunities to write about on the website, future plans and such.

Also need to work on C.V and personal statement for future prospects in the business

Menu Interfaces

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Have been working on and developing the menu further over the last two weeks and will be uploading some screengrabs of the menu as soon as possible. Its functioning well and the navigation is fairly straight forward but quite quirky at the same time.


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Spent the christmas period working on my critical paper, have done some work on the DVD interface and its coming along nicely. Should have a working set up ready by the end of next week.


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This is what the interface will look like, its missing buttons and im having some trouble making it into a video file that i can host, but this is a screen grab of the first image.

Basically the Rubix cube begins to try and solve itself while the user navigates the DVD menu, upon selection of an option the cube solves itself.

At the moment the buttons on this one are temporary.

this is the start of the stop motion main menu :

YouTube posts

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Short fun music video based around the tournament

Footage from the tournament